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Keeping Your Health in Mind

The Crisis

As a fallout of the Pandemic, it is expected that there will be 67% rise in Anxiety Levels, 25% rise in Domestic Violence, 22% rise in Depression and 20% rise in Suicide. In addition, 250 Mn people are expected to be unemployed.

The Relief

CAReยฎ is a unique Digital Mental Wellness Platform. It brings four distinct attributes - Counselling, Diagnostics, Training and Measurement of Impact.

In the first stage, CAReยฎ is delivered digitally via an App. In the next stage, CAReยฎ will be delivered through a blend of in-house trained staff, qualified counsellors, psychologists, therapist, career experts and talent leaders.

Total Brain, Remente and Wysa are integrated into CAReยฎ Digital Mental Wellness Platform.

This delivers powerful insights and brain training exercises, courses, info boosts, goal plans and large-scale self-management of mental wellness. CAReยฎ allows Individuals to keep track of their mental health, take actions, and receive necessary support.

CAReยฎ is a platform of 3 unique Mental Wellness solutions

Total Brain

Total Brain,ย a pioneering Neurotech App, is built on world's largest neuropsychological database to monitor brain capacities and mental health and provides targeted benefits that reinforce capacities and diminishes mental health risk over time.


Remente is based on i4โ„ข Model: Inspiration > Insight > Intent > Impact and built for an agile world that allows the Individual and Organization to rapidly adapt to changes by making actionable resources, such as courses, info boosts and goal plans, instantly available to users.


Wysa is an AI-based anonymous chat platform, with expert human support for Individuals, Insurers, Healthcare providers, and Employers offering large-scale self-management of mental wellness by cognitive-behavioral techniques, DBT, meditation, breathing, yoga, motivational interviewing, and micro-actions to help build mental resilience skills and feel better.


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