Case Studies

Since our inception in 2010, we have executed 75+ transformative investments globally with circa $6.5bn value created

Partnered with two Fortune 500 majors in game-changing growth initiatives that delivered exponential revenues, margins and shareholder value.

Overall value created: $750mn

Invested in and operated India-based global firm. Led rapid transformation from slow growth and low margin to high growth and medium margin through new client wins. Accelerated footprint in North America, Europe and Middle-east regions.

Overall value created: $400mn

Invested in and steered marquee Conglomerate on growth initiatives.

Delivered significant value creation (inorganic and organic route) based on granular blueprint.

Overall value created: $300mn

Invested in and steered California-based B2B product company from early-stage to Unicorn status, including Growth, Strategy and Execution, and strengthened Balance Sheet through debt and equity infusion. Accelerated product development through proprietary SPPยฎ platform.

Overall value created: $2.3bn

Rolled out Virtual Digital Labs on proprietary SPPโ„ข platform for NYSE-listed Vehicle Control Systems provider. Includes Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain, AR&VR and Security in 3 primary locations: Palo Alto, Tel Aviv and Pune.

Value Creation: In progress


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